Anything Profound?

Is anything profound ever posted in a blog?  I would imagine it is rare.  But is that the purpose of a blog?  This is my first blog and first post, so I will probably look back on this and  smile at my naivete’.  Notice my user name is qb19-reference to one of the great qb’s of all time.  Have been an NFL fanatic my whole life.  Interestingly, as I age, great music attracts and moves me in a similar fashion as sports.  So, along the way, I am likely to share links to music that moves me, and maybe you too.  And I might have a thing or two to say about the NFL. Titan Up!

Dan Fogelberg, master singer/songwriter passed away on 12-17-2007, at far too young an age.  If you haven’t sampled his music, this is a tune that is a wonderfully beautiful wake up song.


About qb19

A passion for the NFL, good books, and all things music.
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