He closed his eyes and listened intently. The sounds of the sweet sad refrain snaked their way from the record into the center of his brain. His skin erupted with goose bumps and an indescribable emotion overtook his being.

It was Gershwin’s “Summertime”. The Charlie Parker instrumental version, accompanied by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, was playing. It’s beauty overwhelmed and paralyzed him, momentarily at least.


And the living is easy,

Fish are jumping

And the cotton is high.”

He was moved to capture the moment in words and so he did here.

But also high is the grass in his yard, very high due to the recent rains, so it’s off to cut it before a Tuesday flight to the Maine coast.



Ella, Louis, and Charley P. in Summertime.




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A passion for the NFL, good books, and all things music.
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